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frequently asked questions

1. How much is your interest?

2. How much is your first loan?

3. How much is your processing fee?

4. Do you require collateral?

5. Do you have a penalty?

6. How many days before your release?

7. Do you require co-maker?

8. What are your requirements?

1. What do you mean by Real Estate Mortgage loan?

        – Real Estate Mortgage Loan is the right loan for you have a property for collateral. Properties can be  Vacant Lot, House and Lot, Condominium Unit, and/or Commercial Units.

2. What are the Modes of Payment in your Real Estate Loan?

        INTEREST ONLY with 3% interest and AMORTIZED payment w/ 2% interest.

3. Is it possible for foreigners to loan for Real Estate Mortgage Loan?

      – Yes, as long as he/she has ownership of the condominium title.

4. What if I only have a Tax Declaration, can I still take advantage of the loan?

      – Yes, as long as it is your name written in the tax declaration.

5. What are the requirements for applying for the loan?

     – Lot Title

     – Tax Declaration

     – Sketch plan/ Vicinity Map